Dear Feist Computers Customers

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have made the difficult decision to close the computer repair part of the business effective October 16th, 2016.

What does this mean?

It means I will no longer provide pick up and drop off services, in home appointments or any hands on hardware and software repair in any capacity.

What Services are still available?

Feist Computers “Pro-Active Maintenance Plan” will continue. Since the beginning of the plan we have had a 98.77% success rate at stopping virus & malware infections from ruining your day.  With the constant cleaning, updates to 3rd party programs and windows. Optimization and extra tweaks I send to your systems every day my plan members service tickets are down nearly 75%.  Most of you I only see once in a while and some I haven’t seen since the initial install of my maintenance program, and that shows it works. I hope my plan members will continue to utilize the plan for a less stressful computer experience. Call my assistant Maria if you are getting update popups, update issues.

Why are we closing the largest part of the business?

When opening my own business repairing computers I could not have imagined the level of growth we have experienced. Operating as a sole proprietor I wear many hats; computer tech, business manager, supervisor, marketing and finance. With the exceptional growth over the past 4 years it has become difficult to continue to provide the level of service I would like. As a result, I find myself working many hours and weekends to do my best to assist everyone that calls.  At this time, I need to do what is best for me and my family and downsize the business.

We understand change is difficult. If you prefer not to continue the pro plan these are the options;

If you are on the monitoring plan, we are more than happy to have you continue your subscriptions.  However, if you choose to cancel you have the following options;

  • If you are a month to month subscriber, please allow 30 days for cancellation. Let us know and your next monthly renewal date we will remove you from the plan.
  • If you are an annual subscriber you may request cancellation one month prior to your anniversary date.

All plans will be monitored as usual without interruption and will not be affected by these changes. Should you decide to cancel please notify us via email message. If you cancel but have an outstanding bill you will still be responsible to pay for the services used up to the cancellation date.

What now? Who can fix my computer?

If you do have computer software and hardware issues I can recommend Timothy Nagel from After Hours Tech, he is well educated, friendly and patient with reasonable prices.  He can be reached at 701-226-9792 or go to his website at or email at


Thank you for your support over the years, whether you have been with me a short time or followed me for the past 10+ years. I appreciate the opportunity to have assisted you. 

Respectfully, Dave Feist


Dave Feist – Owner