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90% of our customers are Senior Citizens. Why, because they enjoy the great service they receive, we help them solve computer problems in a friendly manner with courtesy, respect & patience.


We offer 3 ways to solve your computer problems. 1. Help over the internet 2. Drop off your computer 3. In-Home Service

Protection Plans

We've got you covered and will keep you fast, safe, and virus free with one of our great protection plans. All you have to do is use the computer. Leave the rest to us.



Dave & Andy FeistDue to the overwhelming success of our new “Pro-Active Monitoring Plan” that we launched in June 2015, we have to make a few changes to our service offerings.

We are only going to be offering services for virus removals, software issues, computer cleanups. Our Pro-Active Plan members will have data transfers and hard drive replacement available also.

We will be adding online classes. These classes will be tailored for the senior community.  They will be held online.  No need to leave your home.  $20 for 1 hour class.  $15 for Pro-Active Plan members.

So what is all this talk about the Pro-Active Maintenance Plan?

Are you continually thinking and worrying about potential viruses, updates, downloads and other computer maintenance or security issues? Are you tired of wasting hours trying to figure out what may be wrong or are you spending precious time on the telephone trying to follow technical direction and assistance? Eliminate the frustration from your day and let Feist Computers take charge of your technical needs!

Here is what is included in the Pro-Active Maintenance Plan – Residentialss2


  • We monitor all the critical and not so critical parts of Windows (your operating system).
  • Hardware such as hard drive health is monitored. If your hard drive starts to fail, we will be able to make sure your backup is current.
  • We watch your system for any type of Virus and Malware infections. If we find one, we will take it out free of charge.


  • We use business grade Anti-Virus and Malware protection updated several times daily .
  • Our web-protection blocks you from going to known infected sites. Statistics say 30,000 are hacked daily.
  • We are so confident in this plan, if you do catch a virus we will remove it free of charge. * 

Updates & Maintenance

  • All your updates for Windows and 3rd party programs like Java, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Silverlight are done for you. No need to worry if you are being tricked into downloading a virus instead.
  • Cleanup and optimization are done on a weekly, almost daily basis.  So your computer won’t slow down, will have a lot less issues than someone who does not get computer maintenance on a regular basis.
  • We can help with upgrades and other issues that do arise even if not covered by the monitoring plan.


  • Discounted service, while on the 6 Month or Yearly plan you will get 15% off labor.
  • Also you will get a discount off our online classes.
  • Weekly reports on your system.
  • Access to Feist Computers Security Warning’s
  • A monthly newsletter with tips & tricks to help you become a better computer use.
  • Up to 2 free virus removals per year.
  • For every person you refer to the plan you receive one month free for your PC.


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Dave Feist – Owner

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