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Are you worry free while using your PC?

Due to the overwhelming success of our new “Pro-Active Maintenance Plan” and FREE computer classes. We are only repairing computers that can connect to the internet. And serving our Pro-Active Plan members.

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We can fix your PC over the internet if you can get online.  Just getting antivirus to protect your system is so 10 years ago.  That is only half the battle. Having all your updates done is  a great defense.  We are not just talking about Windows updates, but also third party program updates like Java,Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, and Silver-light, just to mention a few.  Our Maintenance package is meant to make your computer life worry free, because we take care of your computer for you.  Then you don’t have to worry or stress going forward.

To add extra value to our service plan we are giving

FREE ONLINE COMPUTER CLASSES to plan members.  At Least Two 1 hr classes per month. ($150Value )

More Info can be found here.

Still need in-home support. Visit my good friend over at  After Hours Tech



Dave Feist – Owner

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